Finally, enterprise grade IT infrastructure that small businesses can afford.

Are you a small to medium sized business struggling with IT support? From healthcare providers to retailers, Zthernet has seen it, done it, and supported it.

Increase your capabilities, reduce your costs, and remove the headaches commonly associated with IT management by switching to Zthernet's tested and proven managed IT platform. Make trouble tickets a thing of the past, and let your business focus on what it does best!


Are you paying too much for IT?

Enterprises spend an average of 3.2% of revenue on IT while small businesses spend more than twice that amount. Zthernet will help align your small business IT budget and increase your ROI.

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Flat-rate Simple Pricing Plans:

Every business has unique IT needs, but most of our clients pay a flat rate of between $40 and $60 per user per month.

Our simple, flat-rate plans include:

  • Installation and rental of all hardware needed for each of your office locations
  • Dedicated managed cloud server in our data center
  • Critical application/software installation, updates, and support
  • Direct network connectivity from offices to cloud server for high speeds and added security
  • Redundant connections to maintain uptime
  • 24/7 help desk support
  • Plus Microsoft Office Licensing, software updates, desktop support, email support, spam protection, antivirus, network repair support, and more.

Increase your speed, security, and uptime.

Zthernet has built an enterprise class Data Center, along with a Wide Area Network and Desktop solution that, when integrated, provides your business enterprise level infrastructure, usually at a fraction of the cost you’re currently paying. We’ve helped businesses reduce their monthly IT costs up to 40%, while eliminating hardware costs entirely.

Our unique IT platform for small business goes beyond our data center. Zthernet is a registered carrier, which allows us to improve your wide area network as well as local and desktop support. This keeps your costs down, and guarantees the bandwidth your business needs.


Are You Tired Of Trouble Tickets?


Just like you, we despise trouble tickets. Our goal is to keep your system up and running, not to waste time and money on trouble tickets. Most of our clients that first come to Zthernet average 2 to 3 trouble tickets per user per month, or more. Once migrated to Zthernet's enterprise IT infrastructure for small business, our customers average 0.5 trouble tickets per month. Can you imagine how much more productive your business is when you spend 75% less time waiting for IT issues to be fixed?


Stop worrying about hardware

Does your IT company come to you and ask you to buy expensive switches, routers, and WIFI devices? Zthernet provides that equipment for you at no additional cost. We have selected best-of-class equipment, and built support tools around them. This allows our staff to proactively support and upgrade your equipment, so your hardware always stays current, and the cost of the equipment is included in your flat-rate monthly fee.


How Does the Zthernet Model Work?

Zthernet has re-invented managed IT services for small business. Join our growing list of customers who experience an enterprise grade IT infrastructure at an affordable flat-fee cost.


1. Consultation

Consultation between Zthernet and your company to determine your specific IT infrastructure needs.


2. Installation & Configuration

Local area network (LAN) including new hardware is installed, configured, and synced with cloud servers.


3. Network Connection

Two connections are established from each LAN to the WAN offering high speeds and redundancy.


4. Storage

Business data is migrated and stored within Zthernet’s perforrmance cloud servers.

IT Maintenance & Support

As a part of our flat-fee managed IT support structure, our engineers perform routine hardware updates and server maintenance, ensuring your IT system constantly remains up to date. In the rare case of hardware or server issues, Zthernet technicians troubleshoot and resolve IT issues quickly and effectively.


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