We Answer The Phone.

At Zthernet, every issue no matter how large or small, is handled by our team of extremely talented individuals. If it's a password reset, router reboot, or just a question, our team has the tools to give you access to the right people – at the right levels.


We Fix It, Same Day.

We understand that even small issues can have a huge impact on your business. With a properly trained team, we focus on fixing your issues as quickly as possible, so that you can focus on your business. Our team has weekly reviews per account to ensure that you will have the right resources and we are ready to assist you.


Fewer Tickets, More Up-Time.

Unlike other IT companies that say they can manage all these moving parts, we actually deliver them, on our own infrastructure, properly engineered from the ground up. If you engineer it right the first time, you spend less time fixing issues going forward. That is our focus, and our promise.


Full-Service IT Support

Because we are a full-service IT company, there is no part of your technology needs that is out of our scope.


World Class PC Support


Local Area Network Support & Wide Area Network Delivery


Quality Private, Public, and Hybrid Hosting Solutions


Flat Rate. That's It.

With Zthernet, your monthly rate, per user will not exceed $80 per month and includes all services, such as on-site visits. Most IT companies charge a monthly rate per user, plus additional charges and service fees. We are confident that our team can solve your issues at a lesser cost and keep you running like a large enterprise.


Contact us!

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