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IT Management


Your business is more dependent than ever on Information Technology.  As a business owner, you rely on it more than ever to stay one step ahead of your competitors. The ability to accurately track performance and stay connected to clients and critical applications is key to raising profits and lowering stress. You have enough to worry about, without wondering if your IT infrastructure is going to work. This is where Zthernet’s managed IT solutions can help you.

There are many advantages to hiring Zthernet to take care of your business’ IT needs:

  • We are cost effective: Most businesses struggle to afford the IT resources required for this critical service, and many small businesses simply cannot afford even one dedicated IT person on staff. The average salary for an IT specialist is around 70,000 dollars a year, for salary alone.  Many companies would go bankrupt trying to keep a single IT specialist on staff.

At Zthernet, we offer flat rate, all inclusive IT support and management. For as low as $650 a month, all of your IT needs will be taken care of. Need new infrastructure? How about a virtual CIO and support team?  Printers giving you fits? Issues with viruses or security? Zthernet can handle it all, at less than one week’s pay to a single IT staff member.

  • Our knowledge and expertise: Even if you could afford just one IT specialist to have on staff, their knowledge and expertise is limited; that person may only have a few years’ experience and may only be an expert in some areas of IT, which leaves potential holes in your IT program.

At Zthernet, our executive team alone has over 75 years of combined IT experience across all facets, and we hire the best and the brightest in the IT game. There is not an IT issue that we have not seen before, and we cover it all. As always, your first consultation with us is on the house.

  • Proactive, on demand support…when you need it: Even if you could afford to hire an IT team and they know everything related to IT, they are not on call all day, every day. They will have weekends and holidays. They will not be on the job around the clock. They will get sick.

At Zthernet, you get our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We look for issues before they become problems for you. Our tech support and remote access means help is literally a keystroke away. Best of all, we won’t call in sick or be on vacation when you need us the most.

  • We save time and space: With Zthernet managing your IT program, you will no longer have to devote company time to IT management and upkeep or office space to your IT infrastructure and staff. This saves you even more money, which can flow back into your business.
  • Simplified billing: Running a business is full of surprises. Your IT bill should not be one of them.  Zthernet’s all-inclusive, flat rate billing means that you are more able to budget each month.

Are you ready to streamline your managed IT? Contact us to see how we can help you optimize your IT infrastructure.