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  • Dragon Medical Edition 2

    It’s time to change the way you practice medicine. By utilizing and leveraging modern technology you can optimize your workflow and provide an even higher level of patient care. Create a more rewarding practice and eliminate the frustration associated with documenting patient care. Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 is the newest and most advanced speech recognition technology already helping over 200,000 physicians worldwide speech-enable their practice for a more streamlined and productive workflow.
  • Small Office

    Your small office and small budget does not mean that you have small IT needs. Small office employees can have big IT problems that can cause a loss of productivity, and small offices have very low tolerances for being down. Let Zthernet provide your small office with Big Time support.
  • Mid Sized Office

    Do you have just enough employees that you need IT Support, but just small enough that you really can't afford a full time, high quality IT employee of your own. No Problem, use ours. Zthernet's flat rate for 11-20 users means you can add more employee's without adding more cost.
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Private Cloud


 A Private cloud provides many advantages to the business owner such as data and document security, ease of use, cost effectiveness and mobility. 

Yet, network providers don’t like to offer private cloud because it cuts into their profit margins. They would rather oversubscribe the network, cramming as many customers as they can onto a single network backbone. As a result, thousands of customers are now trying to exchange critical information on one path.

Imagine how much faster and more secure your network will be with simplified, customized protocols and architecture tailored to you and your company. Zthernet can design, implement and manage a private cloud network that is dedicated to your business and its needs, and put your applications at the core of that network.  

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Hosted Server


Every small business has a server. It may be sitting under a desk or hiding in a closet but it is the heart of your business, containing your financial data, critical contracts and documents, and intellectual property.  It is integral to survival, but what if something happens to your business’ heart? No one wants to touch it because they are afraid of deleting important files or “killing the computer”. What about an external disaster like a computer crash or power outage?  Are you ready?

With Zthernet’s hosting capabilities, you have no worries because we are on the case! We host your server in a secure and redundant environment.  With around the clock support 365 days a year as well as redundant power, hard drives, and data backup, you can ensure that your data is safe, secure and available to you whenever and wherever you need it.

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IT Management


Your business is more dependent than ever on Information and Technology.  The ability to accurately track performance and stay connected to clients and critical applications is key to raising profits and lowering stress.  Most businesses struggle to afford the IT resources required to create this critical service, and many small businesses simply cannot afford even one dedicated IT person on staff. Even if they could, that person is not on call all day, every day.

Enter Zthernet. With flat rate, all-inclusive packagesstart at $650 a month based on your business size, our clients enjoy world class support within their budget. You get our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a fraction of the cost of one IT professional…and we won’t call in sick when you need us the most.

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Hosted Voice Solutions

 green phone

Phone Systems are often the most overlooked business need until they don’t work the want them to.  This means that most Phone Systems are not integrated into the customers network.  This means that most phones systems are less of business asset and more of a cost item to most businesses.

Zthernet can incorporate a Phone System into your network so that the performance and support for this vital application matches the same support that your other business critical applications get.  By taking the time to understand your Voice needs, Zthernet can design, build and manage a voice platform that will allow your business to rest assured that your Phone Systems will support your business needs, now and in the future.

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